Friday, 29 June 2012

Generating Ideas

Many people have difficulty coming up with ideas in the Speaking test, especially for Part 3.

Here are some techniques for generating ideas quickly;

  • Questioning Technique
In your head ask questions about the question (what, how, when, where, why) as you speak to keep your ideas flowing.

What are the advantages of being famous?

Well, I think there are many advantages to being famous, but I guess the main advantage is that (what) you can make a lot of money. 
(how) Famous people tend to be highly valued for a special skill or talent that few people have, so they are paid a great deal for being so unique. 
(when) Of course, it usually takes a long time to become famous, depending on the type of fame, you know; a sports star, a movie star or a famous artist has to work very hard for a number of years before he or she can earn a high income.

  • Use a simple structure
1. Idea "I think one of the best ways to ..."/ "Most people in my country..."
2. Reason "The main reason for this is..."/ "This is basically because..."
3. Example "For example, recently ..."/ "A good example is..."
4. Result "So, I think by doing this ..."/ "As a result,..."

  • Make "if" or "however" sentences to describe the opposite side

If there were no famous people I think the world would be a more boring place because people like to have an interest in people they admire and aspire to be like. It can be enjoyable to learn about famous people's lives without having a relationship with them like, you know, our family and friends.

Remember; try to give as many relevant details as possible for every answer.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Improve Grammar

You need a good level of grammar for ALL parts of the IELTS test but especially for Writing and Speaking.

You can improve your grammar by;

But, how can I improve quickly?
You need to find your grammar weak points and focus on those areas 
e.x. Prepositions (前置詞) 

But, how can I find my weak points?
You can take a diagnostic grammar test

Do a little everyday and your grammar skills will improve (and thus your IELTS score) 毎日少しの勉強が、あなたの文法のスキル(あなたのIELTSスコア)を向上します

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Write daily

Just like any other English skill you need to practice writing daily because;
  • Your 'writing fluency' will increase
  • You will get used to writing in English
  • It's the only way to really improve, and it can be fun

But, how can I write English everyday?
Anything is okay! But try to focus on using new and precise (正確な) vocabulary

Here are some of the best ways to practice daily;

  • Write a diary - write down on paper what you did today and how you felt about it
  • Start an English blog - Enjoy telling the world about your life, in English.
  • Enjoy SNS - Try facebook, Printerest or even Twitter in English. 
  • Try practising paraphrase - choose any English sentence and write the same meaning but using different words.