Friday, 9 May 2014


Echo the keywords from the question


Q: What are popular types of food in your country?
A: Well, in my country, Japan, the most popular types of food are traditional foods which we call 'washoku'. For example, .....

  • It shows the examiner you have understood the question
  • It helps you think of ideas
  • It helps you stay on topic

  • Every time you are asked a question in English, repeat the question keywords. You don't have to use the same words and grammar, you can use synonyms and different grammar.

Other Examples

Q: What do you normally do when you want to relax?
A: Um, I when I want to relax I normally watch TV or I take a bath.

Q: What kind of jobs involve working outdoors?
A: Let me see, I think there are many jobs that involve outdoor work. For example, ...

Q: How difficult is a police officers job?
A: Well, a police officers job can very difficult but I think it really depends on where he or she works. For example, ...

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